Yamaha YDP223 Review

"I'd been playing on a Yamaha keyboard that is touch sensitive but not weighted and 76 keys.  I knew it was time to step up to a digital piano but was shocked at how much using the YDP223 has enhanced my enjoyment of playing.  I love the feel, the action, and of course, the sound.  To me, mostly, the piano sounds very realistic.  Some of the notes in the upper registry seem a not quite natural to me when you sustain them. 
I'm probably considered an advanced beginner student and I tell you, I love the action on the YDP223.  It's been a long time since I've regularly played on an instrument with weighted keys, but it makes a huge difference.  And the sustain is so much more real than I was getting on my old keyboard.  I love it.
One feature I love about the YDP223 is how easy it is to record something that I play into the internal drive.  I do that regularly so I can listen to how I sound.  It's great. 
As far as the look of the piano.  I had my old keyboard upstairs in my office, because it would stick out like a sore thumb in my family room.  When I got the YDP223, I wanted it to become part of our daily living space so that we could share the piano with our family and friends (and I wouldn't have to isolated up in my office playing alone).  It sits nicely in the corner of my family room and has made a wonderful addition to the look and the feel of the room.   I think it looks beautiful."

Rating:  (6 out of 10)

Reviewer: Max

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