Yamaha YDP141 Review

"I purchased my Yamaha ydp141 for only £450 and less than a year old and as im a 19yr old student, money was by far my biggest constraint. I must admit i love the tone of individual notes however feel it lacks the depth of sound my (cheapish) acoustic had. Otherwise very happy with purchase."

Rating:  (7 out of 10

Reviewer: Ben Smith

"Got a Yamaha YDP141 as it suited all my needs. 64 polyphony, full
keyboard, heavy weighted (teacher wanted semi-weighted at least)- these were
the things the music teacher wanted, keyboard cover (very important as my
kids very active and things happen very quickly all the time...), price
within budget and not too many gadgets (sounds) as want her to concentrate
on learning to play first. She's been playing for a year now and needed
something better to practice on. Didn't want to spend too much as she might
decide in a year's time that she doesn't want to continue. Piano teacher
and a friend recommended a Roland or Yamaha for better quality sound and
better resale value. Music school plays on Yamaha."

Rating: (8.5 out of 10)

Reviewer: Louise Cummings, Newcastle, UK

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