Yamaha P95 Review

"I bought a yamaha p95 for use at church and I am very happy with it's use in the smaller side-chapel. However when we want to use it in the main church we then plug it in to a powered amp as recommended by our local piano shop and it distorts badly. I understand that it is probably to so with the fact that the p95 has a headphone out socket, not a line out"

Rating:  (6 out of 10)

Reviewer: Pete Cullen, Middlesborough, UK

"I bought a P-95 and am satisfied with it. The high and low ranges are good. The middle, as usual, is a little week especially when you are playing cords (single noters sound o.k.). "

Rating:  (6.5 out of 10)

Reviewer: Susan Murdoch, West Byfleet, UK

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"On paper it became a battle between Yamaha and Classenti.
If I was a UK resident I would probably go for a Classenti, but due to the higher shipping costs for the mainland it's in the same price range as the yamaha's and on top of this getting service for a Classenti will probably be little harder.

To keep controll, I had to set a budget. Since I only started playing about 2 months ago I decided to set the budget no higher then Yamaha's YDP-161.

After comparing a few Yamaha's (YDP-161, CLP-340, ...) and Rolands (RP-201, HP-302,...) at the local musicshop.
I noticed that Yamaha sounded brighter (a little more realistic) then Roland, but on the other hand Roland had more expression in its sound.
I also started looking at stage piano's (Korg, Yamaha, Roland).
Because most of the time I'll be playing with a headphone the volume and quality of the speakers seem less important to me.
Allthough key-wise they were a not as good as the digital piano's there benefits lay elsewhere.
Since I'm living in a flat it was the portability that made me choose a stage piano instead of a digitial piano ... and thus I acquired a Yamaha P95B and pedal controller LP5.

If I keep continuing practicing at the current pace (1-2 hours a day), chances are big that next year I'll be shopping again for a digital piano but with a larger budget."

Rating:  (7 out of 10)

Reviewer: Igor, Belgium

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