Yamaha P155 Review

"It is perfect for my needs...

I really like the P155. I had opportunity to test various makes and models before settling on this one. It is perfect for my needs and fits well inside my budget.

The action and touch feel very realistic and mimic a full acoustic quite well. The built-in speakers are better than some other makes I tried, but still aren't what I quite expected. In my opinion, it sounds much better through a decent set of headphones. The finish is neat, and it's not too heavy, so can be moved around. The demo songs could come in useful in a few months time when I get to that level, but sound quite great if you just play them over in a sequence, kind of like background music.

All in all, I'm very impressed with my purchase. "

Rating:  (7 out of 10)

Reviewer: Marcus Britz, Centurion, South Africa

"Piano sound is very nice...

Overall very happy with my P155. I have a friend who's gigged on a now 12 year old Yamaha stage piano 4 times a week since new and still going strong, I hope this one matches that! Piano sound is very nice, a nice generic fender rhodes sound as well, Clav sound is terrible, but i guess you don't buy a stage 'piano' for that. It's two months old, have taught and rehearsed with it during that time, first gig is tomorrow.
Built in speakers are good, not very loud, but plenty for solo home playing. And if you do a gig you plug it in to an amp. When investigating this purchase I went to a well known retailer, who told me that the yamaha cp33 and p155 have same weighted action. This is not true in my opinion, the p155 is slightly lighter, and i prefer it. Of course you want propoer weighted keys you play a piano, but the weight on the p155 is pretty good, weighty but not intrusive.

One point: where I work is an electric piano (not a stage piano, not for gigs in other words) it's a Roland, can't remember the model. but i was pretty blown away buy it. I would look into Roland as well as Yamaha before you buy, I might have made a different decision if i hadn't already bought mine. I do understand that Roland are pricier tho, and the one Roland 'stage' piano I tried wasn't noticeably more impressive than the p155.

Most important bit coming up: google 'digital piano guide uk pianos' it's invaluable. I mention this because the guy Graham who wrote this mentioned stage pianos compromise on sound and features to be portable, the Roland at my work is maybe better bacause it doesn't have to be portable. That's about it, read Graham's guide, it's brilliant, and free."

Reviewer: Derek Foster, Farnham, England

Rating:  (7.5 out of 10)

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