Yamaha NP30 Review 

"I was looking mainly for a good piano sound. I read several positive reviews
about the NP 30 sound and, when I found a bargain on a NP 30, I was happy to
get it.

I bought my NP30 from a piano student, through eBay.

First, let me state I'm not a pianist; I've been playing keyboards for 30
years, but just  for fun and singing along.
I say this because I noticed there's a "twofold" reaction to the NP 30 (and
to digital pianos in general): while many keyboard players like it, true
pianists often despise it - their expectations widely differ.
So bear in mind that "everything is relative".

IMHO, the keys aren't much different from a regular synth keys; the "Graded
Touch" is just a slight difference from low notes (harder) to high ones
That said, the keyboard has a good feedback, and the touch response works

The sound: well, I was a bit disappointed - the piano didn't sound as good
as many reported. Actually the sound itself is quite rich, but the note
duration is somehow short, so it sounds a bit "dry".
I think playing with a sustain pedal could make a big difference.
Besides, the built-in speakers are small; although they sound clear, I think
they cannot really express the full potential - many reviews reported a real
improvement when connected to an external amplifier (I couldn't try this

The controls are - perhaps - the worst feature of this unit. For almost
every function, you have to press some (or several) button and keys together
(and just some of those functions are printed on the unit).
This is not very important in a digital piano, but remembering all of them
is quite impossible (there is a "Quick Operation Guide" leaflet included,

The unit's body is quite lightweight and smallish (well, length apart: 125
cm), so you can really bring this around with you. It runs on batteries as
well, so you can play it everywhere, if you fancy to.

All in all, I'm satisfied with the NP 30 (and I presume I will be even more
happy with a sustain pedal and external amplification).
This keyboard plays well, sounds good, is lightweight and looks nice. It's
perfect for a keyboard player wanting a better piano sound than the usual
PSRs or Casios, or even for gigs or used like a controller.
I think it's good for a beginner piano student as well, especially if he has
not enough money (or space) for something better - just keep in mind there's
quite a difference with a true weighted keyboard.
But you can't have everything... can you? ;-)"

Rating:  (5 out of 10)

Reviewer: Sara Gifford

"I am a professional pianist.  I used a Yamaha NP30 for the first time on a gig.  My chief complaint is playing through an amplifier. [roland]. Notes above middle C are barely audible and the top of the keyboard vanishes.  Should i be using a stereo cable? Or a mono cable.  Would that make a difference?  Otherwise the keyboard was OK. It has a good percussive sound without sustain pedal.  Pedal is minimal."

Reviewer: E. Fleishman

Rating:  (5.5 out of 10)

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