Yamaha CVP509 Review

I purchased a clavinova 509 in December 2010. Some months back, I noticed what I thought was dirt on one of the keys. Having cleaned it, I came to a very disturbing conclusion.
The problem was in fact wear on the key top. This was disturbing because this is a high price
instrument made by Yamaha.

I have played many low price keyboards over the years and have never seen wear on any of them. This is clearly not normal for an instrument like this.

The only conclusion I can come to is that there is some fault with the material used. I have checked the remaining keys and there is the beginnings of the same problem on another key. In addition to this, I have had some strange things happening while playing.

The instrument decided to play a wee tune itself! No accompaniment was selected. This just happened out of the blue. This hasn't occurred for a while.

Not impressed!

Rating: (5 out of 10)

Reviewer: Adrian Hughes

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