Yamaha CLP820 Review

"I wanted a Yamaha specifically and the one I bought in the end was a CLP820 which was in almost unused condition (common story?) and came with all the original receipts, documentation, yamaha matching stool and a cover. We are very pleased with it and the main reasons I chose it were,

Just enough features on it for our needs (well much more than we need actually)

...Sound...Price...Ease of use...condition..famed reliability... resale value if we ever trade up.

Only thing I am a bit disppointed in is that ours does not have a sliding keyboard cover which I didn't realise until I got to London to see it, but just the canvas one. (I don't know if we could retro fit one?)

My wife plays piano and thinks the action & sound are superb. I'm a guitarist who is just starting on piano at a late age (60) but I can see and hear the quality of the Yamaha. I nearly bought a new YDP for £540 but this one, whilst older was cheaper and seems better specified being a CLP despite its age (10 years? ish )."

Rating: (8.5 out of 10)

Reviewer: David Conners, Huddersfield, UK

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