Yamaha CLP380 Review

"I bought a Yamaha CLP380 in polished mahogany, which is considered to be the best, and took it for granted that I would be pleased. Well, I am not, not quite anyway. 

The keyboard action is tremendously much better than on my 15 year old clp155, but the sound of the piano has not improved equally. Through its own loudspeakers the piano sound is not impressive, and especially in position Piano1 the lower treble and mid-section sounds "cheap" and uneven, with some notes sounding quite shrill and metallic.

If it were an accoustic piano I would certainly recommend toning of the hammers.  Considering my high expectations and how much I payed for this piano I must confess than I am slightly disappointed. The only way I feel rather pleased with the CLP380 is when I play in position Piano2 and use a set of good earphones. Fortunately, this is how I spend most of my time at the piano anyway.

The Yamaha clp380 is filled to the rim with options I have no use for. I would gladly swap them all for a significantly more true-to-life piano sound."

Rating:  (7 out of 10)

Reviewer: Desmond

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