Yamaha CLP340 Review 

"I bought a yamaha CLP 340 after looking at various music sites, talking to piano teachers and looking at shops. The piano primarily is for my daughter who has just passed grade 4 piano. Previous to this we had an acoustic which went out of tune albeit slightly with great frequency.

It took a while because digital pianos are different than acoustics and I found demonstrations I heard played to the piano's strengths. It was only side by side that the untrained ear could differentiate between models and the dynamics and response. What did put my daughter off initially, was at low volumes, hearing the clicking of the keys, but once into it the advantages outweighed this. These included the heavier hammer actions which mimicked the response of an acoustic piano better than a lot of acoustic pianos, at least at entry levels tried.

What gave the 340 the edge was better speakers, the feel of the keys and it was more or less the same spec as the 370. the extra piano sounds are good and at least for non piano players make the repetition of pieces more bearable and helps to give the headphones a stay of execution. I would definitely recommend and can hear the difference and improvement in playing very quikly."

Rating: (9 out of 10)

Reviewer: Eddie Chappell, Staines, Middx.

"The CLP340 is just what we were looking for, whilst a nice looking piece of furniture, it sounds excellent and whilst i do not play, my daughter now sounds like a professional when she plays. In piano mode it sounds so realistic and the key action is so realistic. We have of course not yet been able to use it to its full potential as my daughter is still learning (currently at about grade 3), but when it was demonstrated to us, i was amazed by its performance and could have believed i was listening to an instrument that cost much much more than it did."

Rating: (9 out of 10)

Reviewer: Pierce Kitson, Miami, Florida

"Yamaha CLP 340 - we wanted soemthing that sounds like real piano and feels like real piano but does not cost like a real piano.

If we could afford and if it was available here in Israel - we would by the CLP 380

My wife says that when she closes her eyes she can not tell the difference - we could not ask for more.

She also uses the headphones a-lot since we are in an urban area.

The Training program is amazing as well - you have 50 songs that you can play *with* by letting the music play one hand and you can play the other. You can also control the tempo which makes it excellent for learning slowly and then increasing to the real tempo with time.

It's also nice to be able to listen to your piano as a stereo system :-). just nice.

All and all my wife would never buy a digital piano if it would not give her the feeling it's a real one. all the rest is bonus."

Rating: (9 out of 10)

Reviewer: Andreas, Israel

"I recieved the CLP340 a couple of days ago and was very impressed with the quality of the piano. It is beautiful (I splashed out on the polished ebony) and sounds amazing. My boyfriend and I love ut and we have been fighting over who's turn it is to play ever since!"

Rating: (8 out of 10)

Reviewer: Melanie Griffiths, Cardiff, UK

"We recently purchased a Yamaha CLP 340 and overall are quite happy with it. Because of
the location of the piano (on second floor, up a rather old stairs) we were not in a position to risk getting a heavy acoustic up there, though had my eye on a beautiful old Yamaha U1 for a while. The clp 340 feels nice and looks nice, though sounds some way short of a real acoustic. We bought the piano as a learning instrument so the instrument is perfect in that respect."

Rating:  (7 out of 10)

Reviewer: Andrea Sykes, Oxford

"In the end I settled for my original choice of a yamaha clp 340 - I'm hoping this was the best chouce. I am finding the key action quite heavy and clunky and also quite tiring. I have been playing a yamaha pdp100 (quite old now) which is extremely light and had got used to this and was wondering if this fully explained the feeling of "clunkiness" but it does seem a little heavier than the acoustic piano I remember as a boy."

Rating:  (6.5 out of 10)

Reviewer: Damion Chamberlain

"I have a Clavinova 340.

I'm having fun with it, slowly trying to get my fingers to do what they used to be able to do several years ago.

One thing I notice -- the upper register doesn't seem to ring out like a grand. In fact it seems on the dull side. I've tried the 4 different grand piano variants, and played with the brilliance switch, but it still seems thin on top (if you see what I mean). I mentioned this to a professional pianist who plays both acoustic and digital, and he said there should be an electronic way to vary the balance between top and bottom. I haven't yet found a way to do this on the keyboard or in the manual."

Rating:  (7.5 out of 10)

Reviewer: Malcolm Part

"I´ve bought a Clavinova CLP-340. Reason: I read Graham Howard's digital piano book and understood the following:

* The difference between the key weights: I chose a heavy-weighted keyboard (CLP 340 is one of those)
* I own a vertical piano but keys weight more. Anyhow, I know that grand pianos are, in a sense, softer and thanks to your book I understood the importance of having a light enough keyboard, so that future playing in Grand pianos can be better accomplished.
* The importance of more than three levels of sensitivity (CLP 340 has four)
* The importance of the sound of the key sustained sound after stroke (I tested the CLP and it lasts 12 seconds after stroke)

I was looking for a Roland, because of its 100 levels of sensitivity, the screen and the sampling of the piano sound. But two things kept me from insisting although I wasn´t able to try a real one:

* Th Hpi 7 and HP207, which were the ones I was hopping to get cost a lot more then the Yamaha.
* These models have the scapement feeling, but I had understood from the book that this was more a vice than a virtue.
* They were supposed to be ligther in key-weight but that I wasn´t able to confirm personally, so I took it from granted from the book.
* Roland does not have a direct distributer in Colombia.

I really wanted a Kawai, but there are no possibilities not even to see one in my country.

I hope I can return to your page in future years once I´m ready to update again my digital piano."

Rating: (8 out of 10)

Reviewer: Jorge Maldonado, Bucaramanga, Colombia (South America) 03/03/2011

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