Yamaha CLP330 Review

"We chose the Yamaha CLP330 rather than the CLP320 because of the weighted keys giving a more acoustic feel, and the controls not using the piano keys. My wife thought this important. We also felt that our daughter would be able to use the CLP330 for longer as she moves up the grading scale.
We (my wife and I) know litttle about pianos and our 9 year old has been playing keyboards for about three years, mainly at the local Yamaha Music school, but now at a 'proper' piano teacher, who unfortunately couldn't give much advice on digital pianos except 'weighted keys and famous brand'"

Rating: (8 out of 10)

Reviewer: Kevin Gifford, Stockport, UK

"The keys seem to clunk a bit. Love the 50 "songs" and ability to turn one hand off.
The CLP330 has the features I want: earphones; good sound; good touch (except the clunk);
MIDI; can play a long with one hand; tempo control "

Rating:  (7 out of 10)

Reviewer: Bill, Middlesborough, UK

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