Yamaha CLP320 Review 

"I bought myself a Yamaha CLP 320 M, which is great in my opinion. It feels like a piano to me and surely sounds like one. It has 10 voices: 2 pianos, 2 e-pianos, 2 harpsichords, 2 organs, 1 vibraphone and of course the strings. It may not seem much, I mean I know there are cheaper pianos that have much more voices, but the sound is much worse in those cases.

The piano came with a book "50 greats for the Piano" which is great, because it contains songs that are very popular around the globe and which are not so hard to play.

So, bottom line, everything is fine with my Yamaha CLP 320!"

Rating: (9 out of 10)

Reviewer: Jon Mansell, New York

"It sounds realistic - the 10 voices are not so many but they are great: 2 pianos which
I can tell that I am in love with; 2 e-pianos perfect for pop, blues, soul, jazz
music; 2 harpsichords that are good but sincerely the difference between the 2
is minimal, and I think they should have added another instrument instead of one
of the 2 harpsichords; 2 church organs, very different from each other but
having a great sound quality and articulation, 1 vibraphone that is very
realistic (I can tell as my father plays vibraphone) and strings that are great,
especially using the dual mode, which means 2 instruments playing at the same

- it's perfectly tuned as I checked that using an electronic tuning device
How it feels (touch, key weight...)

- the feeling is very good - for me it resembles very much with an acoustic

- the key weight is very balanced, perfectly for any kind of interpreter,
weather a beginner or a pro

I very much like the transposing feature, as I play in a band and along with
Another feature that I love is the fine tuning which shows the meticulousness
and care of Yamaha
The color (Mahogany) fits great into my house. Usually, I would have chosen the
PE version (polished ebony), but as that was a little bit more expensive, I
chose this one, and it is really great. Before I bought it, I`ve seen some
photos, but none catch the true intensity of the color - it is really beautiful.
The fact that the visible digital part, the buttons are really elegant as they
are placed in the right part of the keyboard, making the piano look more like an
acoustic one.

I found this digital piano pretty easy to use it has 8 main buttons, of which
some of them pressed along with a certain key on the keyboard lead to a certain
effect. It took me about half an hour to get used to all the functions and
button combinations.

Another thing is that it came with a book containing the 50 demo songs of the
piano, a book called "50 greats for the Piano" which is excellent for me - I
love it. It contains well known easy pieces as well as hard advanced pieces.

The Yamaha CLP 320 was delivered in a large cardboard (of a special hardness)
box. Inside all the main parts were protected by cardboard and polystyrene

Rating: (9 out of 10)

Reviewer: Clarke Landrum, Chicago, Illinois, US

"I bought a Yamaha CLP320. After playing to compare the 320 with the 340 I decided to go with the 320. I am a reasonably advanced player familiar with acoustic pianos. What I needed was something that I could play silently for about a year here in my apartment before going back to my acoustic in New Zealand. I was most interested in whether the touch (Yamaha GH3) on the 340 is so much better than that on the 320 (Yamaha GH standard) to be worth the extra 1000 or so CHF (the store didn't have an example of the 330, which also has GH3, to play and is about 500 CHF more than the 320). I didn't really care about the other extra bells and whistles on the 340, although different scale tunings did sound kind of cool. The 320 had all the basics I wanted - MIDI in and out, memory, lots of polyphony and an organ voice. So the only issue was touch.

I didn't notice a big difference between the GH3 and the GH touch. The GH3 was slightly better, but the GH was fine. I have played the 320 a bit now and it does not hold back expressiveness at all.

The only issue I have with the 320 is the sustain pedal simulation. It was no better on the 340. I find that the sound cuts off noticeably and artificially abruptly when the pedal is released, more so than on an acoustic when bass notes will keep resonating for a little bit after the pedal is released. This is not really a problem for the music that I like playing most, which is JS Bach, since it does not require pedal. But it does mean that my pedal use on the 320 has to be quite different compared to on my acoustic at home to get acceptable results.

Overall I think the 320 is a good buy for a basic digital that offers a decent and sensitive touch."

Rating:  (8 out of 10)

Reviewer: Tom Selby, Brixton, UK

"Here is my opinion on my Yamaha CLP320 digital piano:

1. It looks great for a modern house such as I have. Elegant, modern but stylish and unobtrusive.
2. It sounds great (to my uninitiated ear)
3. The ability to practice using headphones is absolutely invaluable and is enough in itself to justify a digital over an acoustic."

Rating:  (8.5 out of 10)

Reviewer: Andy, Southampton, UK

"I bought a Yamaha CLP320, and I am quite happy with it, despite some high frequency sounds stay in the air when using the right pedal, sustaining several keys.

But generally speaking I am happy with my new piano."

Rating:  (7 out of 10)

Reviewer: Franco

"I bought a Yamaha CLP320 two months ago, and I LOVE it!!! The touch is great - light and sensitive, and the sound is good (to my untrained ear, at any rate). Mine is the polished ebony version, and it looks terrific in my sitting room without taking up too much space.

Being relatively light, it's fairly easy to move, too - no piano trolley needed here. I love the fact that it will never need tuning - always a bit of a bother finding the right person when you need him. But best of all, I adore the fact that I can do all my boring (and sometimes absolutely awful) practising privately, using the headphones. Nobody else has to listen to the din. Because no-one else can hear, practice becomes more relaxed - it doesn't matter if you hit the wrong note when only you can hear it. I'm actually learning to play properly now, reading the music rather than learning things off by heart, because I'm not embarrassed by the fact that sometimes I sound like a two-year-old!!! And when I'm good enough for public display, I can unplug the headset, turn up the volume and go for it! (At the rate I'm going, this could take five years, but I don't care, and I'm loving every moment.)"

Rating:  (8 out of 10)

Reviewer: Jason Reid, Hull, UK

"The Yamaha CLP320 sounds realistic and it imitates an upright piano. My son likes it a
nd he doesn´t get distracted with useless features. The power is enough for us. The touch of
the keys is realistic too. The finishing goes well with decoration and it has an intemporal finishing.

I believe it was good value for the money"

Rating:  (8 out of 10)
Reviewer: Jose Luis Fernandez

"I'm an engineer specialized on acoustics and electroacoustics and I have purchased this piano a few weeks ago. I have been playing a Sauter acoustic upright piano which was loud and bright, now that I got my Clavinova I got a little frustrated.

The build quality and key weighting is very good for me, the sounds and samples are quite impressive too but I'm so sad that they have given this nice piano such a poor sound system. For very small costs, they could have implemented a two-way four speaker system and give the piano a bright and lively sound. The way it is with those ordinary speakers, it sounds pretty dull in my opinion. There's no option to adjust the sound timbre as well. Very nice piano, great joy to play but sadly, they have cut down on the sound system. It could have been much better."

Rating:  (7 out of 10)

Reviewer: Kerem, Istanbul, Turkey

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