Classenti CDP3 Review

"The cdp3 was the best technical/design/money balanced model...

I chose the CDP3 because it said by reviews to be very close to an upright (sounds and feeling), making it a good learning tool for the fingers and for the ear of my young boy. Cdp1 and 2 would probably have been enough for our current skills but I was also interested in the design as I wanted an instrument that inspires me to continue learning and that I will be proud to move from home to home in the coming years. I found that cdp3 was the best technical/design/money balanced model"

Rating:  (8.5 out of 10)

Reviewer: Claire

"We feel the CDP3 is a piano for life...

I bought the Classenti CPD3 2 years ago for my daughter aged 5 at the time, and the reason for picking the Classenti CDP3 were the original piano features along with the demonstation songs, which entertains my daughter her friends, and us her parents to no end.

Additionally the Classenti CPD3 effects helped to stimulate my daughters interest, for example playing the tune "Ghost at Midnight", whilst using the effects to play the tune, makes the song that more enjoyable and fun for her.

Playing the piano isn't just about the practice, listening to beautiful clasical music is just as important,that's why we love the demonstation feature on the Classenti CDP3, we feel it's a piano for life, because it has so much more than a stand alone piano.

Rating:  (8 out of 10)

Reviewer: Desmond, Hastings, East Sussex (09/03/2012)

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