Classenti CDP1 Review

"The piano is a complete success and worth the money...

"The heavy weighted keys make it a luxury to play, the sound quality is marvelous and sounds very professional but the una corda is much to sensitive so I can't soften the melody at selected times but over all the piano is a complete success and worth the money"

Rating:  (8 out of 10)

Reviewer: John Alcock, Ipswich, UK

"I would thoroughly recommend it for anyone...

I’m really pleased with the piano. It feels just like a real piano with good heavy keys and sounds fantastic. It is also a nice compact size (while still having a full size 88 keys) to fit in my small house without taking up loads of room. It also looks very good in the room and a natural part of the room which is great.

Thankyou also to UK pianos for the easy process of ordering and arranging a delivery that fitted with my schedule. Much appreciated.

It’s great to finally have my own piano and not have to work around having to use other peoples. I’ve been playing it a lot since getting the piano and have already seen a vast improvement in my playing skills.

The CDP1 is great value for money and I would thoroughly recommend it for anyone in that price bracket."

Rating:  (9 out of 10)

Reviewer: Peter Simmons, Sunderland, UK

"The keyboard feel is amazing...

I just bought a Classenti CDP1 this week and I must say I am absolutely delighted with it. The keyboard feel is amazing, the piano and harpsichord voices are excellent and I think the build quality is far better than I expected."

Rating:  (9 out of 10)

Reviewer: Kathy

"Its amazing value for money...

The Classenti is constructed to a high standard. Fit and finish are excellent. I bought it for piano training purposes and am only interested in the piano and harpsichord voices, all of which sound wonderful - particularly so using full-size high fidelity headphones. The audio section is good,
though, and it sounds realistic enough in a large room.
The keyboard has a nicely weighted feel and the key response is just right on the normal setting. The inevitable steps in loudness in response to touch are impossible to discern, adding to the feeling of a real piano. There is a minor niggle. The headphone socket polarity is reversed, so the left-hand keys are heard through the right ear. Not a problem if you have symmetric headphones but a disappointing error nevertheless.

Despite this criticism I would unhesitatingly recommend the Classenti for its excellent keyboard feel, its beautifully rich grand piano sound (especially with good headphones), its quality construction and finish and above all its amazing value for money."

Rating:  (8.5 out of 10)

Reviewer: Keith Bennett, Bristol, UK

"I am pleased with my purchase...

I received my digital piano on Friday. I chose the Classenti CDP1. Originally I wanted the P1 because it was more lightweight, thus easier to get into the basement. I am also a student, so on a limited budget and was originally looking for something around the £500 mark. Also being a student means i'm not in permanent accommodation, so wanted a piano that wouldn't be too difficult to move around.

However, as it was going to be out of stock for 6 weeks, impatience got the better of me! The CDP1 was only an extra £100... I am still getting used to it, but I am particularly pleased with the touch sensitivity. I suppose the main reason I chose the CDP1 was because of how highly the P1 was rated in the cheaper categories, and the CDP1 wasn't that much more money, but appeared much sturdier and just looked a lot better with the 3 pedals.

I have always played an acoustic so the digital experience is a novel one for me, but I am pleased with my purchase. The only slight thing is that there is occassionaly a slight squeak on the right pedal. Maybe because it is new? Anyway I will try a bit of WD40 spray on it tonight."

Rating:  (9 out of 10)

Reviewer: Clara Thompson, Falmouth, UK

"On the whole, I really love it...

I bought a Classenti CDP1 just over a month ago. On the whole, I really love it - it sounds good, a little on the bright side, but Im more than happy with it. I like the weight of the keys and it also looks fantastic in my home!"

Rating:  (8 out of 10)

Reviewer: Connie Wilson

"I am extremely happy with what I've got...

I bought the Classenti CDP1 blind, on the basis of reviews on the internet and I am delighted with it. I am not a great musician but I had a real upright piano for many years and the action on this digital piano is totally convincing.

Since I have not done any comparative auditioning with other keyboards I can't comment on the quality for price aspect and I should add that I am slightly deaf but I do have some issues with the sound.

The main two piano sounds are very realistic but, particularly on headphones, you can hear the transition from the initial attack to the slow sustained decay when you hold an individual key down. This isn't a problem during busy pieces but is irritating in a fairly spare melody line. My other beef is that the harpsichord and organ voices have been made touch sensitive whereas in real life the loudness of both instruments remains the same no matter how hard you hit the keys. So you need a very even touch on this keyboard to get a realistic effect.

I bought the Classenti as a piano substitute and for my money I am extremely happy with what I've got."

Rating:  (8.5 out of 10)

Reviewer: Ron Bailey, Morpeth, UK

"My daughters love it

I recently purchased the classenti CDP1 for my daughters, and they love it. It makes learning easier and it sound so much better than our old Yamaha."

Rating: (8 out of 10)

Reviewer: Sabrina Pool

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