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I bought a C Bechstein upright Piano on eBay from Chelmsford Pianos, London Road, Chelmsford, CM2 8TG which has turned out to be a real disaster. I asked a local piano tuner to come & tune the piano when he gave me the bad news - the piano in its present condition is only fit for the skip. The tuning pins were all loose in their seating and it might cost £3-4K to repair to bring it into a condition to tune.

I rang the seller & informed him of this but he was not very helpful and demanded a second opinion. So I got a second local piano tuner to come and have a look and he confirmed all the findings of the first piano tuner! I ended up paying the two piano tuners for their precious time! As the seller was not very helpful, I complained to PayPal and they have now agreed to a refund provided I returned the piano in its original condition(!!) to the seller and paid for postage & insurance.

I have taken a couple of quotes and looks like I may have to pay more than what I paid for the piano to send it back to the seller!! I am at a loss as to what to do next.

Further comments/: The company who sold us the Piano have not responded to my email asking for their advice. Surprise Surprise!

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