Casio PX130 Review

"Here are a few points about my purchase:

1. Generally, I'm very pleased with the purchase but one of the things that I dislike about the PX130 is the face that it has no cover.

2. The sustaining pedal is loose and seems to float about. This makes it difficult to use.

3. It has quite a resonant sound which is pleasing to the ear.

4. The key weight is realistic.

5. I like the music memory because I'm able to play along with it and the book of music which comes with it encourages me to start reading music again.

6. It fits into our small computer room very well and not look out of place.

7. The shop where I bought it was Reidys. The salespeople were very pleasant, extremely knowledgeable. they did not push the sale and were fine with the fact that I wanted to go and think about it. Eventually, I just phoned in the order. The delivery was free- a distance of 30 miles. It was set up and tested for me."

Rating:  (6.5 out of 10)

Reviewer: Ashley Wiggins, Burnley, UK

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