Casio CDP100 Review

"The CDP100 seems pretty good.  The touch is nice - not too heavy or too light in terms of the weight of the keys.  Several friends who play well were impressed with the feel for the cost (second hand).  The keys are a bit noisy on the upward return when playing at low volume, but ok with the volume up.  The tone is generally good - I think it sounds better in the mid to bottom end and is a bit flat in the top end. 

I would say it is quite a neutral tone.  It is very basic in terms of features, but it is aimed as a basic digital piano with a reasonable touch and sound, so I didn't expect too much.  I would have preferred a line out in addition to the headphone port.  The electric jazz piano sound is quite nice for if I ever want to experiment, and the strings are ok but a bit cheesy.  The harpsichord voice is terrible."

Rating:  (7 out of 10)

Reviewer: Brian Vaughan

"Bought this digital piano last week and although i have very limited experience, i really like it. It feels very like the piano i recently had lessons on, looks really good with the stand and piano stool and i'm enjoying the practice. Space was also an issue and one of the reasons i bought this over some of the higher recommendations around the same price. It fits neatly into the space i have allocated away from distractions and at a great price offered by Thomann for the deluxe bundle, i settled on the casio cdp100 after much deliberation. It may not be the best buy longterm, but it is a great buy for a learner like me, and there is always the option of upgrading in a few years time. "

Rating:  (7.5 out of 10)

Reviewer: Mandy MacCaughey, Dublin, Ireland

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