Broadway B1 Review

"An excellent substitute for the real thing and equally excellent value!...

My father recently bought the Broadway B1 and I'm enjoying it immensely. Also, my father and I experienced some difficulties constructing the piano, quite reminiscent of trying to follow IKEA instructions.

The piano itself is gorgeous and works brilliantly. It took me some time to get used to it as I'm used to playing on high quality uprights - the bass clef in particular is very loud, but it has a very lovely sound.

In all I'm very pleased with the piano - it's an excellent substitute for the real thing at equally excellent value!"

Rating: (9 out of 10)

Reviewer: Celine Tebal, Ware, Herts. (25/05/2013)

"I bought the Broadway B1 on a recommendation...
I bought it from UK Pianos, but unfortunately it has been damaged in transit - the back panel of the piano has been knocked.

The replacement piano arrived quickly and all looks okay.
As the original piano was damaged on arrival, I contacted UK Pianos and they replaced it without hassle, so no complaints with the service.

On this basis, I would have no problem in recommending UK Pianos to my friends.
The Broadway B1 looks to be a good piano - sounds good to me (but then I am a novice, so my opinion doesn't carry much weight), but I am pleased with it so far.
So, in a nutshell - good piano, good service."

Rating: (9 out of 10)

Reviewer: Mick Mcgowan

"Everyone comments on how good it looks...
The piano is perfect for me - the tone of it is lovely, everyone comments on how good it looks - a lot more expensive than it actually was! I haven't actually used any of the features it comes with - just use it like a normal piano. I absolutely love the fact I can turn it right down as I mostly play when the kids are in bed so this way I don't disturb them.

I am very pleased with my purchase."

Rating: (8.5 out of 10)
Reviewer: Katrina Waterton, Godstone, Surrey (10/07/2013)

"Absolutely love it...

"Hello, Piano arrived this morning and everything is fabulous. I will write a review as soon as I can tear myself away from my new piano , absolutely love it , thank you very much for your excellent service.

Rating: (9.5 out of 10)

Reviewer: Dac Charnley, Huddersfield, Yorkshire (13/08/2013)

"It looked to be the best in my price range...

I have had my piano delivered, and now have it assembled, I chose the Broadway B 1, it looked to be the best in my price range,and very modern looking it is too."

Rating: (8 out of 10)

Reviewer: Charles Yeo, Ayr, Scotland (13/09/2013)

"My son is over the moon with it and hasn't stopped playing all day...

The piano arrived today as planned and my son is over the moon with it and hasn't stopped playing all day, thank you!

I was worried it would be poor quality compared to the yamaha due to being a lesser known brand and relatively cheap, but it's perfect."

Rating:  (9 out of 10)

Reviewer: Dean Purvor, Orpington (16/09/2013)

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