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After trying out a few models in store, decided I wanted a Yamaha CLP-340 in cherry satin and ordered this from Musicalinstruments-UK based in Biggars Music in Glasgow as they had the cheapest price online and also have a physical store in Glasgow.

It arrived on Thursday, I unpacked and assembled it the next day and discovered the keybed was damaged - see this video clip:


I phoned them up and they were very helpful, they said 'we will get the wheels in motion'. Today they sent an email to say 'Yamaha have got my details'

I'm slightly concerned, surely under the distance selling regulations I should only have to deal with Biggars Music, not with Yamaha?

Further comments: Just phoned Martin today about the digital piano (out of desparation, as he hadn't responded to my letters and emails). He said that the replacement piano arrived yesterday (whilst he was out of the office) and has only been back in the office today. The soonest he can have the piano delivered to me is Tuesday. He will arrange for uplift of the faulty piano separately.

If this takes place I will finally be receiving a replacement product after almost four weeks.

I asked him whether he would send anyone to disassemble the faulty unit and repack it, and assemble the new piano and he said he is not required to take care of that and that he had checked with his manager. I said this conflicted with the advice I had received but he wouldn't budge.

Further comments from Govind:

The good news is that I finally have my CLP340 and it is all set up and working fine.


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